About Phiz

xPhiz is Africa’s social network that lets you to meet new people, do business & have fun.

xPhiz gives its members the opportunity to empower themselves with the total control of their social experience, grow their businesses, create their own communities, content & sales by engaging with friends, customers and colleagues in real time within Africa and the globe.

xPhiz is helping to build a better world that's interconnected for achievement, cultural values and ready for change as it offers the following:

- Casual/Professional social networks

- Private/Public groups and pages

- Blogging social networks

- Fundraising

- Marketplace

- Job listing & Recruitment

- Entertainment

- Fund transfer

- Reward system

- Search engine optimization (SEO),

- Advertising,

- Lead generation,

- Digital display advertising, and more

xPhiz members enjoy total control over what they share along with full ownership of their content and data. The self-empowerment next-gen social networking platform has no facial recognition, and no newsfeed or content manipulation common on other social media platforms. xPhiz members see every post, chat, comment, etc., made by individuals, pages and groups they are connected with, in true timeline order.